Taking a gap year

taking a gap year

Funding your gap year

You don't have to beg, borrow or steal to pay for your year out - but you will probably need to find a job, either before you go or while you are abroad, or consider fundraising.


Gap year international internships

An internship abroad during your year out will boost your CV and give you useful work experience, so it's worth researching the agencies that can help with arrangements.


Gap year jobs to apply for before you travel

If you want to pay for your gap year travel by working while abroad there are plenty of opportunities in TEFL, sports camps and summer camps, but you'll need to apply in advance.


Great international volunteer projects for your gap year

Whatever your skills and interests, you should be able to find a volunteer project for your gap year to match... and you'll give your career prospects a boost too.


How to market your gap year to graduate employers

Finding a job after a gap year could be easier than you think. We explain how to present the skills you developed while travelling or working in your CV and job applications.


Spend your gap year in the UK

Working, volunteering and travelling in the UK are all great options for your gap year and could help to keep your costs down.