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How do I access and login to the fair? 

You can access the Fair using the link HERE!

Will I need to create a profile? 

Yes, you do need to set up a profile prior to attending. Completing your profile leaves you more likely to be contacted by employers with suitable opportunities and to have your request for a meeting accepted. 

How do I set up my profile?

Login to your account, fill in all your relevant details such as education, work experience, etc. You can also upload your CV if you wish and a link to your LinkedIn profile

How do I meet with employers one to one? 

Prior to the event login to your profile to request one to one meeting with your chosen employer. Alternatively, you can request a meeting on the day by messaging employers through the chat function, this will not guarantee you an appointment, pre-booking is advised. 

How do I make an appointment for the CV Clinic? 

Prior to the event, you can log in to your profile to request an appointment for the CV Clinic. 

How do I attend seminars? 

Once logged in you will see a title in the header labelled seminars, click on this and it will bring you to the seminar’s Live and their timetables. 

Can I access the fair on my phone?

You can, but for the best experience we recommend logging in on your desktop or laptop using a Chrome browser.

Do I need to attend all day?

You don’t need to be at the fair all day you can log in and out throughout the day. Just give yourself enough time to talk to as many exhibitors as you can and don’t forget about the live seminars.