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11 graduate areas of work in accountancy

11 graduate areas of work in accountancy

Graduate jobs in accountancy are most definitely not just about adding up numbers and balancing spreadsheets. The range of graduate jobs available in this sector is large. Here’s a snapshot of 11 of the main areas of work in accountancy and financial management:

1. Assurance/audit – being responsible for the review of an organisation’s data and procedures, and providing expert advice to clients and shareholders.

2. Commercial finance – implementing economic measures to ensure a quality product is made at the lowest possible cost.

3. Corporate finance – managing the change and growth of a business with numeracy skills and strategy.

4. Corporate recovery – dealing with complex financial information to help failing businesses recover.

5. Corporate treasury – managing an organisation’s finances to safeguard against strife and potential hardship.

6. Financial accounting – keeping tabs on money flow in an organisation to scrutinise performance.

7. Forensic accounting – uncovering key financial information to quantify losses, investigate fraud and assess the potential need for reparations.

8. Internal audit – improving business efficiency by advising management and delineating the most profitable ways to operate.

9. Management accounting – knowing the various functions and budget of a company to provide business-specific economic guidance.

10. Risk assessment – identifying and evaluating risks, and helping clients reach their targets.

11. Tax – combining law, administration and accountancy to help businesses and individuals pay their taxes in the most efficient way possible.