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Building your graduate construction career through postgraduate study

Construct your graduate career with postgraduate study

Postgraduate study isn't always essential to bag a high-flying construction job. But if you feel there's more to learn and make sure to keep your graduate career goals in sight, it can help you to stand out.
Some construction employers will support their graduates through postgraduate study while they work.

Graduating with a degree in a construction-related subject needn’t spell the end to your academic life. If you thrive on the rigours of studying and want to learn more about the areas of the industry that most interest you, then you could consider a postgraduate course. If you’ve not done a construction degree, don’t fret – you can convert to construction.

What postgraduate routes are available?

Whatever subject you’d like to delve deeper into, there’s a course out there. Typical subjects include more advanced study in areas of work such as project management and construction management as well as specialist courses – intelligent buildings and sustainable technology, for example.

Be sure to choose a course set up in a way that suits how you like to learn: would you prefer a taught or research-based method of study? Do you want to study full time or part time – or could you study on the job? It could be well worth considering the latter: some construction employers will support their graduates through postgraduate study while they work if they think that it will benefit their job. For this route you might also need to work towards chartered status at the same time – but the hours and hard graft you put in will see you become a very highly qualified professional.

Research your next step

Whether you start a postgraduate course straight after your first degree or take a break beforehand, it’s a big investment and you need to consider your options carefully. How you fund your course might be a deciding factor. Do the universities you’re interested in have any bursaries you might be eligible for? Is there a chance you could approach an employer for sponsorship? Could you afford to take out a career development loan with your bank? Make sure you weigh up the advantages of further study against the time, hard work and money it will take. Ask universities about what previous postgraduates have gone on to do, their links with employers and graduate employment rates.

Keep graduate jobs in sight

A postgraduate degree will highlight your research skills, self-motivation and specialist sector knowledge. However, bear in mind that in a competitive job market you’ll still have to ensure you have the work experience and soft skills that construction recruiters want. Continue to develop a network of industry contacts during your studies, keep an eye on application closing dates and make the most of your time outside the lecture hall to boost your job-hunting chances even further.