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Graduate consulting assignments

Consulting assignments: key parts of a graduate job

What sort of role can a graduate expect on a management consulting project?
Working with the client to implement recommendations.

Fact-finding, making recommendations and updating the client are part of the job for any graduate assigned to a management consulting project. Often one stage of the assignment overlaps with another and the length and character of the whole thing will vary depending on the client, their business and the issues being tackled. Here are the key elements of a typical assigment:

1. Defining Initial team examines client's situation and identifies issues. Defines objectives for the assignment. Makes presentation to client. Graduate roles: researching the company and collating information (eg financial data).

2. Identifying The full team is assembled and fully briefed for the assignment. Steering committee also identified and assembled in the client organisation. Graduate roles: preparing briefing material for consulting team, further research.

3. Fact-finding The stage where the consulting team begins to work closely with the client team. Begin interviews with members at every level of the client organisation. Graduate roles: scheduling and conducting interviews, writing up findings.

4. Updating the client Throughout the process the client steering committee is kept up to date with findings and progress. Graduate roles: preparing client briefing notes, summarising findings and conclusions so far.

5. Making recommendations Brainstorming solutions based on information collected are identified. Feed back ideas to client team and present recommended solutions. Graduate roles: participation in brainstorming sessions, writing up recommendations into presentations.

6. Implementing the client solution Working with the client to implement recommendations. Graduate roles: organising training sessions for client organisation employees, monitoring progress and writing up results and solutions for future reference.

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