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Hospitality services: area of work

Take on a graduate role that will help keep the hospitality industry running smoothly.

Companies operating in hospitality range from food and beverage suppliers to car rental companies. There are a number of job functions including finance, marketing and technical positions. As a manager you could be responsible for overseeing a group working on a contract or managing one particular aspect of that contract, for example foodservice.

Working environment

The working environment is as varied as the roles available; you could be based in an office in a customer services role or out and about meeting clients or customers. You may be required to travel either in the UK or abroad, especially if you work within a multinational hospitality services company.

Getting in and getting on

The skills required to get a job in this area are dependent on the role but with any hospitality-related position, good communication skills are vital as you will deal with a wide variety of people. Numerical skills are useful for financial and technical roles. It is also important to have the ability to work in a team as you will come into contact with a number of different groups, all working together to give good service to the customer.