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IT graduate schemes graduates can apply for with a 2.2 degree

IT graduate schemes you can apply for with a 2.2 degree

A 2.2 degree needn’t end your ambitions for a career in IT, but you may need to look beyond major IT companies to find your first graduate job.
Many employers you may not immediately associate with technology will hire graduates into IT roles, so dig about.

If you end up with a 2.2 in your computer science degree or a non-IT subject, don’t despair. Whether you want to become a software developer, tester, cyber security specialist or work in IT support, it’s still perfectly possible to launch a successful career. However, you’ll have to widen your search beyond the obvious IT companies to find your first role.

Jobs in IT, technology and telecoms companies with a 2.2 degree

Most major IT, technology and telecoms companies demand a 2.1 degree. While they may be prepared to consider genuine mitigating circumstances for not achieving this – for example illness or bereavement – they are unlikely to want to consider your application if this isn’t the case.

However, you can apply for graduate technology roles at BT with a 2.2 if you also have a postgraduate degree.

Some employers, such as Fidessa, have in the past had different requirements for different roles.

Healthcare software company TPP accepts 2.2s for some roles.

It is also worth investigating smaller, local employers who may receive fewer applications and therefore be less picky.

IT jobs in engineering and energy companies with a 2.2 degree

Engineering companies are well worth considering for graduate IT jobs if you have a 2.2 degree. Many run IT graduate schemes and, unlike the IT sector, you’ll find a good number of big-name employers who aren’t hung up about whether candidates have a 2.1.

  • Centrica’s information systems graduate programme accepts applicants with a 2.2, if they have a masters degree.
  • Ford recruits graduates with 2.2 degrees into its IT team. Ideally you need an IT or business-related degree and some IT work experience.
  • Jaguar Land Rover’s IT graduate programme has a 2.2 degree minimum requirement.
  • Siemens’ IT graduate scheme has previously accepted graduates with a 2.2 into some roles.
  • Shell’s IT graduate jobs don’t specify a minimum degree requirement, though the company does seek candidates with a consistently strong academic record.

IT jobs in investment banking with a 2.2 degree

The finance sector employs many IT graduates but most recruiters look for at least a 2.1. However, Citi has in the past considered overlooking its 2.1 requirement if a candidate had very strong work experience and/or extenuating circumstances. If this applies to you, you should contact recruitment team before applying so that your application does not get screened out.

Financial data provided FactSet accepts graduates with 2.2s.

Other employers who accept 2.2s

Many employers you may not immediately associate with technology will hire graduates into IT roles, so dig about. For example, did you know that The Co-operative Group runs a technology leadership graduate scheme, or that easyJet offers IT graduate jobs? Both have accepted 2.2 degrees in previous recruitment cycles. Two of the UK government’s intelligence agencies, GCHQ and MI5, accept graduates with 2.2s into its technology roles. Or you could try the NHS health informatics management graduate scheme, which accepts 2.2s and is open to graduates of any discipline.

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