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TARGETjobs Events' IT's not just for the boys! London and Nottingham

Why you should attend IT’s not just for the boys!

IT’s not just for the boys! provides would-be technologists with a rare opportunity to rub shoulders with technology recruiters from big organisations and likeminded students.
A fantastic opportunity to meet some truly inspirational women in the technology sector!, says one attendee.

TARGETjobs Events’ highly popular technology event, IT’s not just for the boys!, has been providing female students from any degree discipline with the opportunity to explore or press ahead with a career in technology since 2009. And over these past eight years the event, which is now held five times a year, has gone from strength to strength. Below are some of the many reasons why you should attend the next event.

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Meet recruiters and graduates from major technology companies

Five times a year, graduate recruiters and graduate hires from big IT companies come together in London, Nottingham and now Glasgow at TARGETjobs Events’ IT’s not just for the boys! to meet university students who are pursuing or considering a graduate job or industrial placement/work experience in IT.

The 2016/17 event programme has been run in partnership with J.P.Morgan, and the collaboration has seen the international banking and financial services giant host the fifth event in Glasgow.

Other companies that have attended, or partnered with, the events in recent years have included: Accenture, Bank of England, Bloomberg, CGI, Expedia, IBM, Orbium, PwC, SunGard, ThoughtWorks and Vodafone. IT’s not just for the boys! is a rare opportunity for students to meet a wide range of reputable IT employers and their staff under one roof.

Find out about more job roles in the industry

IT employers from across a range of industries attend IT’s not just for the boys!, which gives students a chance to find out about tech roles in sectors that they may have not previously known existed. For instance, at the IT’s not just for the boys! event that was held mid-February 2016, Lloyds Banking Group and Deloitte, which are major recruiters of technology talent, gave students an insight into their graduate opportunities. Did you know that finance companies and professional services firms recruit a number of graduates into technology roles? It’s worth attending IT’s not just for the boys! to find out these sorts of things and much more about the sectors that graduate technology jobs span.

Get fast-tracked through the graduate recruitment process

Attending IT’s not just for the boys! can get your applications to the tech employers in attendance bumped up the queue. Yes, you heard right, some recruiters will push applications through the screening process if you mention that you attended the careers event. Make sure you consult with the recruiters during the event and find out exactly what you should include when you complete and submit your application.

Find out what recruiters are looking for in graduates

The day-long event typically comprises a ‘how to get hired’ skills session and a team challenge designed to showcase teamwork, decision making and communication skills. These sessions are included to give attendees an idea of some of the skills and qualities specific recruiters are looking for in candidates, and the kind of information you should include in your application, which will increase your chances of getting a graduate job or work experience. The team challenge specifically, which is attended and observed by recruiters, will also give you an opportunity to get noticed by recruiters on the day.

Mingle with other aspiring IT and technology professionals

Eighty students considering or pursuing a career in IT attended TARGETjobs Events’ IT’s not just for the boys! careers event in February 2016. And a turnout such as this is typical across most of the events, making IT’s not just for the boys! an excellent opportunity to meet and mingle with students who are in your shoes. The benefits of doing this are manifold, including expanding your professional network, getting an idea of what others are doing to get a graduate job or work experience, and realising that you’re not the only one out there who’s in your situation – whatever that may be.

Hear from inspiring senior female technologists

‘A fantastic opportunity to meet some truly inspirational women in the technology sector!,’ was the feedback TARGETjobs Events received from one attendee. IT’s not just for the boys! has welcomed top tech women from the likes of Accenture, BAE Systems, CGI, Cognizant, Deloitte, Lloyds Banking Group and ThoughtWorks; and all attendees have opened up about their climb to the top and answered students’ questions to help them with their own journey.

Discover what’s currently happening in the tech space

Technology recruiters and recent hires will be on hand throughout the day to discuss anything career-related, including current industry trends. This can cover a range of topics, from the increased focus on cyber security to the new technology that’s being developed for the financial technology space. Not only will such conversations boost your commercial awareness (recruiters will expect you to be clued up), but they’ll also give you a better idea of the job opportunities that’ll be available to you now and in the future.

Are you interested in attending IT's not just for the boys!?

To pre-register for the next event, find out when it's being held or view photos or videos from previous events, visit IT's not just for the boys!. Students who want to attend IT's not just for the boys! will have to apply online and undergo a screening process; successful candidates will then be invited to attend the event.

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