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‘It helps to be gobby and like swearing’ and other tips for nailing a career at the Bar

TARGETjobs Law put barristers in front of the camera at the TARGETjobs National Pupillage Fair to get their advice on the key skills for success in different areas of legal practice. Watch and learn…

Human rights law

‘If an interview goes badly, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad interview,’ reassures Richard Clayton QC, human rights practitioner at 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square.

Pushpinder Saini QC (Blackstone Chambers), Richard Clayton QC (4–5 Gray’s Inn Square), Deirdre Malone (Garden Court Chambers)

Employment law

Find out why cutting your teeth as a Free Representation Unit (FRU) volunteer will make all the difference to your employment law career – oh, and being gobby helps too.

Jason Galbraith-Marten (Cloisters), Nigel Porter (11 KBW), Katherine Apps (Littleton), Heather Platt (Pump Court Chambers)

Common law

Ask us whether we enjoy a drink together on Fridays, in your pupillage interview.

Andrew Burns (Devereux), Sadie Crapper (Thirty Nine Essex Street), Hannah Wilson (Henderson Chambers), Robert Harrap (Five Paper)

Commercial law

Commercial law: uber-brains only need apply?

Tom Weisselberg (Blackstone Chambers), Rose Grogan (Thirty-Nine Essex Street), Ben Smiley (4 New Square)

Family law

Impress us with your pupillage application; think of it as a form of persuasive written advocacy.

Amber Sheridan (29 Bedford Row), Matthew Brunsdon Tully (1 Hare Court), Laura Moys (King's Bench Walk), Nicholas Westley (Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB))

Criminal law

Are you determined and talented enough to succeed at a slimmed down Criminal Bar?

Stephen Vullo (2 Bedford Row), Tom Wainwright (Garden Court Chambers)

Public law

The cases you work on are likely to make the headlines.

Jeremy Johnson QC (5 Essex Court), Alex Goodman (4-5 Gray's Inn Square), Joseph Barrett (11 KBW)