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Pupillage application deadlines

Get ahead of the game by making sure you know when to apply for pupillage. We've put together a list of deadlines for pupillage applications at top barristers' chambers in 2017 for pupillage starting in 2018.

Pupillage Gateway deadlines | Non-pupillage Gateway deadlines

For aspiring barristers, applying for pupillage can be both a stressful and exciting process. You'll need to think about which sets of chambers most appeal to you (consider their areas of practice, the atmosphere, the number of pupillages available and their pupil retention rate for starters) and then you'll need to make a note of the application deadlines.

Many chambers recruit through the centralised Pupillage Gateway system and will all have the same deadline at the end of April. Other chambers who do not recruit through this system may still have the same end-of-April deadline, however. To make things simple, we've compiled a list below of all the top chambers' pupillage application deadlines in the coming months. Click on the chambers' name to see their online profile, which will tell you more about pupillage awards, practice areas and vacancies.

For those chambers whose deadlines have already passed, we recommend that you check back on their sites for the next pupillage opportunity. When checking application information be aware that the Pupillage Gateway system has had other names in the past and may be referred to as OLPAS (the online pupillage application system) or the pupillage portal. If you see these, or end up on the website, redirect yourself to the Pupillage Gateway.

Non-pupillage Gateway deadlines









Pupillage Gateway applications deadlines


06/02/2017 – make sure to check the Pupillage Gateway regularly for changes to the schedule