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TARGETjobs Law National Pupillage Fair

Six good reasons to attend the TARGETjobs National Pupillage Fair on 30 November 2019

The TARGETjobs National Pupillage Fair on 30 November 2019 is the place to be for all would-be barristers looking to launch their Bar career.
The TARGETjobs National Pupillage Fair regularly attracts over 1,000 aspiring barristers. Make sure you’re one of them.

This will be the 22nd year that TARGETjobs Law has run the National Pupillage Fair. There’s no other careers event of its kind that caters for aspiring barristers and those still considering the pros and cons of both the barristers’ and solicitors’ professions. Here’s what you can get out of being there on 30 November 2019 at Gray's Inn, London.

TARGETjobs National Pupillage Fair 2019: what’s in it for you

  1. Meet representatives and barristers from around 40 London and regional chambers including criminal sets and commercial sets. Discuss your career plans at their stands or find out more about life at their set of chambers. These chambers are there because they are offering pupillages – making a good impression could help your pupillage chances.
  2. Boost your odds of pupillage success by having a barrister or careers professional cast an expert eye over your CV. Or quiz up to ten course providers about their conversion course (GDL or CPE) and Bar professional training course (BPTC) offerings. How much do they charge? How are their courses structured? How many of their alumni go on to get pupillage and tenancy?
  3. Listen to qualified barristers offer their top career tips and insights into their areas of practice at the talks programme. How did they choose their set of chambers? How long did it take them to get pupillage? Are they mostly court based or chambers based? Would they recommend the profession? See clips from last year’s talks programme in our post-fair catch up.
  4. Find out how you can best fund your early career at the Bar. How can the Inns of Court help with sponsoring your training? When should you start instructing an accountant?
  5. Pick up a copy of the TARGETjobs Law Pupillages Handbook 2020, hot off the press – it will be your first chance to get hold of a copy of this must-have directory for Bar careers containing pupillage listings from scores of chambers, particularly useful if you’re making pupillage applications this spring. You will also receive a copy of TARGETjobs Law 2020, the essential guide to law careers – full of handy applications advice and overviews of practice areas.
  6. Take in the grounds at Gray's Inn and get a taste of legal London with the surroundings of Chancery Lane and the Inns of Court, where many barristers’ chambers are based.

The TARGETjobs National Pupillage Fair regularly attracts over 1,000 aspiring barristers. Make sure you’re one of them by registering here.

Top tips from barristers on how to make the most of the pupillage fair

  • ‘Make a list of chambers who you think you’re going to be interested in and talk to as many as you can. Ask probing questions about the pupillage process: how you’ll be assessed and how you’ll be taught.’Shaen Catherwood, barrister and head of pupillage at Devereux.
  • ‘Read the information in advance, find out which chambers are going to be there and target them specifically. Make sure to attend all of the relevant talks – there is an excellent talks programme but it tends to fill up very quickly, so join the queue early.’Georgina Wolfe, barrister and pupillage committee member at 5 Essex Court.
  • ‘Be friendly, be intelligent, be polite and be normal. Resist the urge to show off, because you may come on too strong. Download the pupillage application form before you go to the pupillage fair. Have a look at it, and the sections you’re having trouble with, and ask the barristers for help on those specific questions.’Lucy Garrett QC, barrister and pupillage committee member at Keating Chambers.
  • ‘The person you speak to at the fair is unlikely to be the person looking at your CV when you apply for pupillage, so don’t worry too much about asking silly questions. Use the fair as an opportunity find out what a barrister does – you don’t want to be taken on at a set where you’re going to be unhappy. You want it to be a good fit for you.’Stephanie Hall, barrister at Francis Taylor Building.