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Top 25 law firms according to trainee solicitors

Top 25 law firms according to trainees

TARGETjobs Inside Buzz surveyed 1,240 current trainee solicitors and asked them to score 52 law firms according to prestige. We reveal the top 25 firms as voted for by graduates working in the legal profession.

The methodology behind the TARGETjobs Inside Buzz law rankings 2016

Top 25 law firms according to trainees

The Top 25 law firms’ rankings measure a firm’s reputation and prestige based on the opinion of 1,240 first- and second-year trainee solicitors. Trainees are asked to rate over 50 peer law firms on a scale of 1 to 10 based on how well regarded they perceive each firm to be (with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest). Respondents are not able to rate their own firm and are asked to ignore any firm with which they are not familiar. Scores are then averaged and ranked in order, starting with the highest, to determine the ‘TARGETjobs Inside Buzz top 25 law firms’.

Note: Whenever two or more firms have identical scores (to two decimal places) but have not been marked specifically as a tie, it is because these firms are ranked in accordance with their full score (taking into account three or more decimal points). For example, White & Case LLP and Norton Rose Fulbright LLP are both shown to have a score of 7.59 – their scores of 7.591 and 7.588 respectively have been rounded up/down to the nearest two decimal points.