Law solicitors
Trainee solicitors rank elements of their training contracts

Trainees rank their law firms by salary, hours and training

TARGETjobs Inside Buzz asked over a thousand trainee solicitors working at 48 law firms to rate their own firm's culture, training, hours, offices – and more. Study the following 12 categories as part of your research before applying for training contracts or vacation schemes.

The methodology behind the TARGETjobs Inside Buzz law rankings

In 2016 TARGETjobs Inside Buzz conducted an independent survey of over a thousand first- and second-year trainee solicitors at 48 leading law firms across the UK. We asked trainees to assess their own firm according to 12 categories, which resulted in the above sets of useful rankings.

Top law firms by category

Trainees were asked to rate their own firms on a scale of 1 to 10 in the 12 different categories above. Provided sufficient responses were received for each firm, an average score was then calculated for each category. All firm scores were then collated and ranked to create our ‘Top firms by category’ rankings.

Note: Whenever two or more firms have identical scores (to one decimal places) but have not been marked specifically as a tie, it is because these firms are ranked in accordance with their full score (taking into account three or more decimal points).