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Updated every Thursday morning, we give you the essential information you need to keep on top of your applications and raise your commercial awareness for interviews or meetings with law recruiters. We’ve also added some other titbits of information that might interest you.

Pupillage interviews, TARGETjobs National Pupillage Fair 2017 videos, Inside City Law, the new SQE super exam, fourth time’s the charm for government pollution case, UKIP makes a costly libel mistake and Lady Hale talks to the press.

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What you MUST know:

The Pupillage Gateway is now closed

We wish all of you applying for pupillage this year the very best of luck. There may be just enough time to breathe a sigh of relief and to take a break from the screen, but don’t forget that you could be called to a pupillage interview in future. If you need any help, as always, we’ve got you covered. Check out our guide to how you can prepare for pupillage applications for more help and advice.

Advice directly from the Pupillage Fair 2017

Last year’s TARGETjobs National Pupillage Fair took place on Saturday 25 November 2017 and, from what we’ve heard from you and from chambers, was a tremendous success. Each year, TARGETjobs Law hosts a programme of recorded talks by practising barristers and other Bar-related organisations to make your applications, interviews and career decisions that little bit easier. You’ll seldom have the chance to see such candid conversations outside of chambers about the nature of the work, so give them a watch by clicking here: TARGETjobs National Pupillage Fair 2017 talks programme videos.

Go Inside City Law

TARGETjobs is offering an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience about working in law in the City. In partnership with RPC, the Inside City Law event offers first-year law students and second-year non-law students the opportunity to network with lawyers, trainees and graduate recruiters, and to get answers to the burning questions you’ve always wanted to ask about making an application to a City law firm.

The event takes place on 5 March 2018 at RPC’s head office in London. On the day, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in sessions designed to reflect the application process, join case study sessions and meet the people who may be assessing your training contract and vac scheme applications. Places are limited, so apply now while you have the chance.

Click here to find out more, or click here to apply.

What is the SQE and do you need it?

The new qualification for aspiring solicitors – the solicitors qualifying examination (SQE) – will replace the current qualification(s) from 2020. TARGETjobs Law Solicitors explains what this means for you if you’re currently studying for a degree and what your qualification options are pre- and post-2020.

You can also find out what this means for non-law graduates considering a GDL, what the implications are for training contracts and how the new SQE will be run by reading our guide to how the SQE super exam will affect graduates.

What you SHOULD know:

Fourth time’s the charm

The government has lost a third High Court case over its plans to tackle air pollution. The case was brought by legal activist group ClientEarth, which has been pursuing the government through the courts on the matter for years. In the ruling, justice Garnham declared the government’s current plans unlawful.

The government has already been forced to draw up new plans for nitrogen dioxide pollution in order to keep within legal limits. Much of the problem in the UK stems from vehicle emissions. Recent studies have linked high levels of air pollution with heart disease and lung problems, with one study in the Lancet in October 2017 linking nearly one in six deaths worldwide (nine million) to some form of pollution (including water, soil, chemical and occupational pollution).

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UKIP to pay the price for libel

A High Court judge has ruled that UKIP deliberately delayed the settlement of a libel case for political gain. The case was originally brought by three labour MPs against UKIP MEP Jane Collins for comments that she made about the Rotherham child abuse scandal. According to the judge, the party delayed a settlement for ‘political advantage’ making an ‘informed and calculated decision… to ensure that the case was not settled before the 2015 general election’.

Collins was ordered to pay £54,000 in damages to each of the MPs representing the Rotherham constituencies and directed to pay costs of £196,000. Justice Warby stated that Collins remains liable for the damages and costs, but has ordered that the party pay the costs for the period between 20 March 2015 and 23 June 2015. UKIP will be given the opportunity to challenge any sums claimed.

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Of interest:

Hale and hearty law advice

Lady Hale, the first female head of the Supreme Court and first woman to become a law lord, has given an interview to The Guardian about building a career in law. Hale opens with some tips for law students on how to take the first steps towards a job, and includes snippets of her time in the profession from one of six women in a class of 100 studying law at Cambridge in 1963 to her experience of the family Bar.

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