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14–21 September: TARGETjobs Law National Pupillage Fair in November, the Inside Buzz on Law firms, digital guilt, Amazonian problems and… gender neutral law firms?

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We’ve taken a short break over the summer and we hope you have too. Never fear, we’re back for the upcoming academic year with all the advice and tips you need to make your law career a success.

November pupillage fair

The pupillage application season has moved to January for 2017, so we’ve moved the TARGETjobs Law National Pupillage Fair to give you plenty of time to get your applications in order. This year we’ll be at the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn in the heart of legal London. More details will be announced as they are confirmed. In the meantime click here or the story headline for more information and to register.

What you MUST know:

A buzz around law firms

Throughout the year, TARGETjobs Inside Buzz spends its time surveying trainee solicitors at major law firms to get their thoughts on all aspects of working life and the legal landscape. This year, TARGETjobs Inside Buzz has surveyed 1,240 trainee solicitors working at 52 law firms, asking them to rate their own firms according to 12 different categories, such as salary, culture, training and hours. Study these newly updated rankings as part of your research before applying for training contracts or vacation schemes. We also reveal the top 25 law firms for 2016, ranked according to prestige.

A guilty plea just a click away

The legal profession has expressed a degree of caution over the latest swathe of court reforms that plan to introduce a ‘digital’ justice system. The potential for defendants to plead guilty ‘just to get the process over with’, could leave those without legal representation at an unfair disadvantage, according to Law Society president Robert Bourns, while Chantal-Aimée Doerries QC, chair of the Bar Council, said that the system risks creating a two-tier justice system for civil monetary claims. She added that litigants in person could find themselves in proceedings versus large corporations with equally large legal teams.

In the latest proposed reforms, published in a report known as ‘transforming our justice system’, the plan to move to digital was unveiled, along with reductions to judges’ expenses and pay. Justice Secretary Liz Truss suggested that because shopping and financial transactions were now predominantly conducted online, it was time that the courts system caught up.

Click the story headline to read more from the Law Society Gazette.

Amazonian problems

A jury at Southward Crown Court has found online retail giant Amazon guilty of shipping dangerous goods by air. The retailer was found guilty on four counts of transporting dangerous goods improperly under air navigation regulations. Items such as lithium batteries and aerosols were on the list of items shipped improperly.

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Of interest:

Suits you, madam

A magic circle law firm will no longer begin correspondence and legal documentation with the term ‘dear sirs’, after a ban has been issued to all its employees. Similar changes will be made at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer’s offices around the globe in the regions’ respective languages.

One managing partner at the firm said the move was a small, but significant step taken to avoid alienating the people that they work with, while a spokesperson for a woman’s charity said the change was long overdue. Freshfields is the first city firm to make the move.

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