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Junior lawyers at the annual career conference

Support from the Junior Lawyers Division

The JLD provides support, career events and opportunities for a community of 70,000 members – from LPC students and graduates through to newly qualified solicitors.
The JLD has campaigned on issues such as student debt, legal aid cuts and the trainee minimum salary.

The Junior Lawyers Division (JLD) of the Law Society represents, campaigns and provides services for LPC students, LPC graduates (including paralegals), trainee solicitors and solicitors up to five years qualified. The JLD is one of the largest communities within the Law Society with approximately 70,000 plus members. Membership of the JLD is free and automatic for those within its membership group.

Career opportunities and events for aspiring solicitors…

The JLD provides opportunities to attend national events, join sub-groups and engage with support services. There are four main events and opportunities:

  • An annual conference and ball.
  • A 2,000-word essay competition with a monetary prize. This allows the JLD’s student, paralegal and trainee members to improve their drafting skills on a relevant subject to their profession.
  • An annual three-day international weekend conference, which is attended by lawyers from around the world, co-organised by the JLD, the European Young Bar Association, the Young Barristers’ Committee and the London Young Lawyers Group.
  • Career conferences held across the country, focusing on issues affecting the membership. This includes a variety of topics such as practical skills, advice for junior lawyers in a work environment and how to get a training position.

… often organised by your local Junior Lawyers Division group

Across the country local JLD groups run a variety of events such as monthly meetings, social events and lectures. They also offer an opportunity to meet local junior lawyers. For trainees alone in their firms, the JLD can be a major help, and it gives junior lawyers opportunities to build and expand their professional networks through new connections.

JLD campaigns range from student debt to the trainee minimum salary

The JLD campaigns in line with its members’ interests to bring about positive change. Over the past few years, the JLD has campaigned and lobbied on issues such as student funding, proposed changes to the route to qualification, cuts to legal aid and the trainee minimum salary.

The Junior Lawyers Division website, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages

The JLD aims to provide extensive information on becoming a solicitor and the issues that junior members may face. Information on legal career paths, ongoing policy projects, national and regional events, initiatives involving junior lawyers, soft skills webinars and articles of interest to the junior profession can all be found on the JLD website. Its Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages provide updates on upcoming events and JLD activity.

How can you get involved in the Junior Lawyers Division?

Getting involved is always encouraged at the JLD; every year there are positions available on its executive committee, including a specific LPC student seat. Learn more about the JLD here and sign up to receive the free JLD newsletter or contact the JLD via email at

This content was written by the Law Society and first appeared in TARGETjobs Law 2018, available free from your careers service and law departments.