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Industries offering trainee management careers

Which careers have graduate trainee management jobs?

Want to progress in management but unsure of your career direction? Find out which career sectors will allow you to work in a management job from day one.

Client-facing sectors offer the most graduate management opportunities.

In some career sectors, you may well find yourself working up to a management position when you have some experience. However, many industries offer trainee management jobs to graduates in which you will get involved with directing staff members, meeting financial targets and planning and supervising projects almost from day one. Find out which careers offer the most graduate management opportunities and then click through to find out more about working in that sector.

Trainee management jobs option one: hospitality

The hospitality industry is all about the consumer, so if you want a customer-facing management role that requires the ability to think on your feet, then this area may be for you. Management roles such as hotel manager, restaurant manager and food service manager are often available to graduates. Most enter at trainee or supervisor level or through a management trainee scheme at a large company. A hospitality or business studies degree can be advantageous, but generally most employers accept graduates with a degree in any subject.

Find out more about a career in hospitality, leisure and travel.

Trainee management jobs option two: retail banking and financial services

Retail banking is a great choice for those with managerial aspirations who would thrive in a fast-paced financial environment. Graduates can be employed as trainee branch or relationship managers. Large retail banks, building societies and supermarkets offering financial services often run graduate schemes in retail banking management and in financial leadership. Management roles in retail banking and financial services are usually open to any degree subject.

Find out more about a career in retail banking and financial services.

Trainee management jobs option three: the public sector

There are plenty of management opportunities for graduates who want to work for the public good – though competition can be fierce. Options include the NHS, the Civil Service, local government and the armed forces. For example, the NHS runs a range of management graduate schemes. The National Graduate Development Programme (NGDP) and the Civil Service Fast Stream are also intended for graduates who want work in national or local government. With some exceptions, the NHS, the Civil Service and the NGDP accept applicants from all degree disciplines.

Graduates interested in the military can apply to join the Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force at officer level – the management role of the military world.

Find out more about a career in the public sector.

Trainee management jobs option four: retail

There are many management opportunities for graduates in retail. Typically graduates start out as trainee store or departmental managers and many leading retailers run management training schemes. Forget shelf-stacking: you could be helping to manage budgets, overseeing pricing and stock control and leading a team. All degree disciplines are usually accepted for these roles.

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Trainee management jobs option five: logistics

Graduates can walk straight into managing a team in the multidisciplinary logistics sector. Most do this by going through a management training scheme and then onto a management role in their preferred area. Some become trainee transport managers or warehouse managers, while others secure distribution management roles. Some employers hire graduates with specific degrees (eg engineering or business), but there are opportunities for graduates from all degree backgrounds.

Find out more about a career in logistics, transport and supply chain.

Trainee management jobs option six: construction and the built environment

If you’re a natural planner with a keen interest in the built environment, a management career in construction may be for you. Graduates can be hired as: trainee site managers, in which role they will help supervise construction sites; project managers, in which role they will oversee the entire project; facilities managers, in which role they will be overseeing the running of an operational building; or bid managers in which they will oversee a construction project’s ‘tendering’ for work (pitching to the client to ask to be chosen for the work).

Most employers will want you to have a built environment degree, but they may accept applications from candidates with business degrees for bid management jobs. Facilities management roles are often open to all degree disciplines, although a built environment degree is preferred. A few employers may accept candidates from all degree disciplines for their site management roles and sponsor them through a postgraduate conversion course, but this is increasingly rare nowadays.

Find out more about a career in construction.

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