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Difference between managment consultancy and management in business

What is the difference between a management consultancy role and management in a business context?

Wat’s the difference between management consultancy and management in a business context? Are you more suited to a business management or consultant job?

Management in a business context

Most managers of businesses work within an organisation and decide how to use resources and employees to best meet that organisation’s aims. The level of responsibility depends on your seniority and experience, but every business, big, small and medium-sized needs managers and your skills will be useful across many sectors; healthcare trust, banking, a charity, a media organisation, in retail, the possibilities are endless.

Most management roles will involve directing and organising staff-members.

Business managers work for their organisation:

  • recruiting new members of staff
  • training both new and existing members of staff
  • people managing
  • solving problems
  • managing their time and setting priorities
  • ensuring that company standards are met
  • overseeing projects
  • ensuring that projects are completed on time and to budget
  • making and signing off decisions that affect the company
  • being aware of the actions of competitor organisations
  • communicating with a variety of people – this could include customers, share holders and staff
  • adapting to changes of circumstances quickly and giving direction on the next steps

Management consultancy

Most management consultants work through international consultancy firms or strategy sections of financial organisations such as accountants. They are contracted by organisations seeking help and advice about management problems. Typical employers include international management consultancy firms; smaller consultancies; major financial organisations and large accountants and banks, but you could be called upon to work anywhere and that includes the clients' own offices for extended periods, possibly overseas.

Management consultants need to be flexible, bright, hard-working and able to get on well with other people in different environments. They also need practical intelligence, stamina to work long hours, project management and specific skills to suit the context in which they are working.

Management consultants work on behalf of clients:

  • making sure that deadlines are met
  • meeting financial targets
  • planning
  • scheduling
  • overseeing projects
  • promoting the business
  • conducting research and interviews
  • compiling and presenting information
  • analysing statistics
  • writing reports
  • making recommendations
  • developing new procedures or training

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