Graduate consultant at CHP Consulting

How I got hired at CHP Consulting

Jamie Gillespie is a consultant at CHP Consulting. He studied physics at the University of Leeds.
The interview process allowed me to highlight my ability to communicate with people confidently.

Why management consulting?

I wanted to work on varied projects that would allow me to learn quickly and liked the idea of a small company where there is plenty of opportunity to get out to client sites and take on early responsibility.

What do you think made you stand out from the other candidates?

CHP Consulting requires people who are capable of learning the technical side of the role quickly and are also comfortable working with clients. I’d shown that I could do the technical stuff through a physics degree and a little programming experience and the interview process allowed me to highlight my ability to communicate with people confidently.

What was the toughest part of the application process?

I had no knowledge of the asset finance industry prior to applying (and hadn’t done an internship), but there is plenty of information out there. I read around the subject a lot, which I think really helped.

What is your role in the team?

My first role at CHP involved mostly software development. I was in a small team and so I was given large pieces of development to complete. I got to see some interesting aspects of the clients’ business, and of our systems. My current role involves less development and more interaction with the client. I’m currently at the client site most days.

What are your main responsibilities on a day-to-day basis?

I’m responsible for releasing our software to the client. This means that I get a good overview of the way our software works and am constantly interacting with our clients, working alongside people based in the UK, Northern Europe and India. I still spend time developing, and continue to get exposure to new technologies. I enjoy the mix of work as it keeps my days varied.

What is your work/life balance like?

It’s good. I occasionally work out of hours, when we are releasing software and need our clients’ systems to be down, but this is offset by flexibility on other days. Every three months we all take a day off to get together and learn what everyone has been working on. Being kept up to date on the progress of the company, and knowing what everyone is up to, is motivating and a real bonus of working for a small organisation.

What gives you a buzz?

Working for a multinational client, and implementing our software across the world. It’s very satisfying to see a development that I’ve carried out go live, and to see the impact it can have on an international finance company.

What has been your biggest highlight in the workplace to date?

I was given the chance to be the most involved CHP consultant on a recent project with a client. I had to learn a lot very quickly, as the project was not just limited to our software. Having to adapt to this improved both my technical and consulting skills.

What skills in particular do you think you’ve developed so far?

My technical skills have improved quickly, and I’ve been given lots of opportunity to work with the client, which is great as it’s why I wanted to work in consulting.

What advice would you give wannabe consultants?

People here have a wide variety of degrees and interests. Taking an interest in things other than your degree is beneficial, as it helps you to stand out from other graduates.

Top three skills for a successful consultant?

  • Confidence
  • Adaptability
  • Analytical ability.