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The induction year for newly qualified teachers

The induction year for newly qualified teachers

Newly qualified teachers in England and Wales undertake a year-long induction period to become legally qualified to teach in state schools.
When you've successfully completed induction you should be able to teach confidently in any school.

Your induction year usually begins with your first paid teaching post and will help you to develop your teaching skills, building on what you have learned during your training and providing you with more experience. When you have successfully completed induction you should be able to teach confidently in any school.

You must have gained qualified teacher status (QTS) before you begin your induction. Induction includes two main elements: a personalised programme of development support and an assessment against the Teachers’ Standards, the framework of professional standards for teaching overseen by the Department for Education.

Induction can be carried out in nearly all state schools, except those on special measures. It can be undertaken in independent schools, academies and free schools, though these institutions are not required to offer it. You can also work through your induction programme at British Schools Overseas, pupil referral units or independent nursery schools, as long as they meet the required conditions.

How does induction for newly qualified teachers work?

Induction is completed across the equivalent of three school terms, with assessment at the end of each term. You can undertake induction on either a full-time or part-time basis.

During induction you should receive the following support, in addition to your individual programme of professional development:

  • 10% reduction in your teaching timetable, in addition to the standard 10% planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time available to teachers.
  • Support from an induction tutor.
  • Regular reviews of your progress, including discussions at the end of each term. The assessment you receive at the end of the process should not come as a surprise.

Following the final assessment at the end of the third term, your head teacher should make a report to the relevant organisation, referred to by the Department for Education as the ‘appropriate body’, making a recommendation about whether your progress against the Teachers’ Standards is satisfactory.

The appropriate body decides whether or not you have met the requirements for successfully completing induction and writes to the head teacher and the National College of Teaching and Leadership to let them know. The National College for Teaching and Leadership relays this decision to you.

The appropriate body can be a local authority, teaching school or the National Induction Panel for Teachers (NIPT), which was established in 2013 to oversee the induction of NQTs in academies and maintained schools. If you undertake induction at an independent school the appropriate body may be the Independent Schools Teacher Induction Panel (ISTIP).

NQTs are expected to complete induction within five years. Appropriate bodies can reduce the induction period to a minimum of a term if the NQT is deemed to be meeting the Teachers’ Standards and can show this through past experience.

Induction and supply teaching

If you start work as a supply teacher any placement that is shorter than one term cannot be counted towards induction. Like all other NQTs, you should complete induction within five years of obtaining QTS. Once this five-year period has passed, the next post you take in a maintained school or non-maintained special school must be eligible to count towards induction.

Any supply teaching placement that is for a term or longer forms part of the induction period and you have the same entitlements during that time as any other NQT on induction – for example, you should have a reduced teaching timetable.

Questions to ask your teaching employer about induction

  • Will my induction tutor be an experienced teacher?
  • What time will be allocated to facilitate meetings with my induction tutor?
  • Does this school work in isolation or with other schools to deliver induction?
  • Will I have a teaching assistant? (mainly primary)
  • Will I be a form tutor? (secondary)
  • Have other NQTs recently joined the school?