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Retail and manufacturing are key areas for graduate employment in Dundee, and the city is also responsible for much of the UK's digital entertainment industry.

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Dundee is responsible for a large portion of the UK’s digital entertainment and information industry: companies such as eeGeo (developers of high-tech mapping solutions and location-based games) offer ongoing graduate opportunities for software developers and encourage speculative applications. International employers, such as Johnson Matthey, or local ones, such as Tayside Contracts, have also been known to hire graduates.

Dundee City Council may be a useful contact for any graduate seeking work in the public sector, and many of the Scottish transport companies offer graduate recruitment programmes. The proximity of several military bases means that the Army is a popular choice for graduates with all kinds of skills.


Postgraduate study in and around Dundee

The University of Dundee is highly regarded and its medical and life sciences course has been particularly praised recently. Its law, history and psychology departments are also rated as excellent.

The University of Abertay Dundee offers further study in business and management, psychology and English, and prides itself on its digital library resources.

The University of St Andrews consistently ranks in the top ten universities in the UK and excels in many fields including philosophy, French and physics.


Ten local graduate employers in Dundee

  1. Dundee City Council, Dundee (Public sector; Government; Education)
  2. NCR Corporation, Dundee (IT; Sales)
  3. Michelin Tyre plc, Dundee (Research; IT; Manufacturing; Sales; Marketing)
  4. Johnson Matthey, Dundee (Engineering)
  5. Tayside Police, Dundee (Public sector)
  6. Tayside Contracts, Dundee (Construction; Logistics)
  7. DC Thompson & Co, Dundee (Media, journalism and publishing)
  8. Nicoll Russell Studios, Dundee (Architecture)
  9. eeGeo, Dundee (IT)
  10. The Army, Dundee (HR; IT; Engineering; Logistics; Finance)

(Note: these companies may not be currently recruiting. Their names have been provided as a guideline to the type of work available and what areas to look in.)


Moving to Dundee

It’s on the map for…

  • ‘Jam, jute and journalism’ – industries which characterised Dundee’s past
  • City of Discovery – the place where Robert Scott’s ship, Discovery, was built
  • Lively city centre packed with shops, clubs and eateries

It’s within commuting distance of…

  • St Andrews – 13 miles
  • Perth – 23 miles
  • Aberdeen – 66 miles

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