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The targetjobs National Pupillage Fair 2021 was hosted live at Lincoln's Inn, providing an opportunity for law graduates, non-law graduates, Bar course students and soon-to-be pupils to meet barristers and chambers representatives in person.

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The targetjobs National Pupillage Fair 2021 talks programme aims to provide law and non-law graduates who wish to be barristers with a wide selection of tips, advice and insights about the legal profession. The programme covers everything including how to fund your career at the Bar, how to obtain pro bono work experience and insights from both senior and junior barristers about life at the Bar. If you missed the talks programme in person, click the name of each talk to watch the YouTube recording from Saturday 27 November.

The Bar course

Speaker: Clare Wardell, barrister and head of faculty at BPP University Law School

Sponsored talk by BPP

Watch this video to find out:

  • The biggest considerations when choosing a course provider
  • Differences between course providers in terms of teaching and resources
  • How to research providers and pick a Bar course that is right for you

Funding your career at the Bar

Speaker: Jackie Streat – partner at Silver Levene LLP

Watch this video to find out:

  • Where and how to seek awards and scholarships
  • The different taxes that you need to register for as a barrister
  • What expenses you can write off in practice

Volunteering for the Free Representation Unit (FRU)

Speakers: Heloise Ramage-Hays, volunteer advocate for FRU; Helen Mozier, assistant legal officer for FRU

Watch this video to find out:

  • More about the work that FRU does and how aspiring barristers can get involved
  • The commitment you need to make and training you receive as a volunteer
  • The difference between working employment and social security cases for FRU

Commercial law

Speakers: Emma Dixon – barrister at Blackstone Chambers; Lucy Garrett QC – barrister at Keating Chambers; Michael Kotrly – barrister at One Essex Court

Watch this video to find out:

  • What it is like to work as a commercial barrister vs a public law/human rights barrister
  • The types of people you’ll meet and cases you’ll undertake in different areas of practice
  • What sort of person is right for the commercial Bar and how you can boost your experience

Family law

Speakers: Oliver Wise – barrister at QEB; Alison Williams – barrister at Harcourt Chambers

Watch this video to find out:

  • What it takes to be a family law barrister
  • The types of cases and work that family law barristers undertake
  • What qualities and skills are desirable in a family law barrister

Be yourself at the Bar: diversity and perspectives on life as a barrister

Speakers: Sarah Williams – barrister at Keating Chambers ; Cheryl Jones – barrister at 3PB

Watch this video to find out:

  • About the personal experiences of two different barristers when they first started practising
  • Diversity at the Bar
  • How the Bar has changed (for the better!) over time

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