City scape

One Small Change


"Personally I think that there should be more consistent training."
First year trainee, Manchester
"Although the firm does seem to be working on this, it would be ideal if there were more international opportunities available."
First year trainee, Leeds
"I believe that the firm should encourage further confidential and anonymous feedback."
First year trainee, Manchester
"In my opinion I think that the firm should be more transparent about how a seat move is decided."
First year trainee, Leeds
"I think that the firm should ensure that trainee supervisors sit with their trainees. The former should also take an active role in their trainees' experience and responsibility for the workload the trainees are given."
Second year trainee, London
"Personally I think that there could be more recognition for non-chargeable, extra-curricular activities undertaken to add value to the firm/clients."
First year trainee, London


"Clearer instructions."
First year trainee, Leeds
"Free lunches."
Second year trainee, Manchester
"More thankful partners."
Second year trainee, Leeds
"A bigger choice of seats - some departments only have space for one trainee per seat."
Second year trainee, Leeds
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