Experimental Mechanics Test Support Internship

Description of the job

At Airbus in Filton, the Test Centre is responsible for structural testing a wide range of aircraft parts from small components to full scale complete aircrafts covering research, certification and in-service support. Structures Test defines and performs the structural tests which provide the proofs to integrate and qualify the physical aircraft as required for 1st flight, certification and continued airworthiness.

The technical added value of Structures Test consists:

  • Of providing an optimised test plan (for the complete test pyramid solution) answering customer needs
  • Of providing validated, reliable and robust test data to its customers ¤ In validation of stress analysis hypothesis through testing
  • Of providing to the Authorities, the proofs needed for certification and allow to secure certification by applying the same Structures Test process across Airbus and Extended Enterprise

The main mission of the Experimental Mechanics group is to provide complex measurement solutions for structural testing and for the validations of numerical simulations. This group is  also leading Research & Technology projects with innovative solutions to complex and challenging future test requirements.

In the context of supporting structural tests, the successful candidate will be exposed to organisational and practical aspects of testing, which provide ample opportunities for development of technical and theoretical knowledge about structures and their functioning, as well as awareness of Airbus processes and internal procedures. Working with a team of professionals to deliver test results on time, cost and quality will aid the development of communication skills and ability to work under pressure. The tangible outputs associated with testing provide an immediate feedback loop which enhances the learning experience. Moreover during the validation phase of test and simulation results, the candidate will develop various analytical and data processing skills.

By supporting the development of innovative experimental mechanics techniques, the candidate will develop multiple niche technical skills, including but not limited to performing various types of measurements. During the development phase the candidate will also interact with scientific communities and will have the opportunity to implement the theoretical knowledge into practice. Most importantly, the candidate will learn the importance of driving innovation and how to overcome any associated challenges.

Furthermore by providing support to ongoing Research & Technology projects the candidate will develop project management skills and gain insight to the State of the Art in many different fields.


  • Support structural tests with complex experimental mechanics measurement solutions for the validation of numerical simulations. In this context, the candidate will interact with customers from the design and stress community, with suppliers of high-quality scientific measurement equipment, and with the test leaders, test engineers and test operators who are part of the structure test team.
  • Actively participate in the improvement of innovative measurement technologies, based on visual, high-speed, thermal or sonic imaging technology. In addition, the candidate will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of processes which enable experimental data evaluation and comparison with simulation predictions.
  • Provide support to ongoing Research & Technology projects in the field of Structures Test, Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and Non Destructive Testing (NDT).


You must be an undergraduate for the full duration of the placement studying towards a degree in the following:
Aerospace, Aeronautical or Mechanical

As the successful candidate you will be able to demonstrate the following skills

  • Good experimental, data analysis, problem solving and mathematical skills
  • Mechanical testing, FE and CAD experiences are beneficial
  • Ability to generate innovative solutions and then communicate them effectively
  • Knowledge/experience in optics and photography is advantageous


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