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Interview basics for Alfa

Candidates should demonstrate an understanding of Alfa's expectations.

The interview stage of the Alfa (formerly CHP Consulting) recruitment process generally involves one telephone interview and two face-to-face interviews.

What to expect from a Alfa telephone interview

The Alfa telephone interview is used primarily to gauge communication skills.

The telephone interview is mainly composed of straightforward conversational questions (eg: ‘Tell me about yourself’ and ‘What do you know about the company?’).

Face-to-face interviews at Alfa

At the first round interview with Alfa, candidates will meet an HR representative and a senior manager in person, while the final interview will be attended by two members of the operational board.

Unlike the telephone interview, the two face-to-face interviews are likely to involve some questions about asset finance and project development, so a basic understanding of the sector is necessary.

Alfa does note that technical knowledge is not a prerequisite for hiring (‘Candidates often ask if they need to have a technical background to be able to do well in this role. The simple answer is no!’), but it’s always worth researching both the company and their sector before interview.

Interview preparation

The company actually provides advice on interview preparation on its website, saying that Alfa 'needs to be sure you are actually interested in the different facets of the role, so researching and showing an enthusiasm for the industry and our projects is a must'. Company HR representatives also state that research is vital, and that candidates should demonstrate an understanding of ‘the company’s expectations’ as well as their own interest in the position.

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