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Alfa first caught my eye at a University of Cambridge careers fair in 2013. I went through a phone interview and two face-to-face interviews towards the end of 2014; in September 2015, I left Cambridge where I was undertaking a PhD in Cheminformatics, and joined Alfa as a Junior Consultant. 

Upon starting at Alfa with six other new graduates, we enrolled in a four-week intensive induction course. We all came from different degree disciplines and varying amounts of previous work experience. Everyone was very friendly and picked up asset finance concepts and Java quickly, which is typical of Alfa people! Six weeks of on-the-job training immediately followed our induction when we worked on software development tasks for clients with ample support from our induction supervisors. 

The end of induction training coincided with Alfa’s 25th anniversary company conference. Alfa employees from around the globe were flown out to a five-star resort in Miami for a fourday conference where everyone bonded over BBQs on the beach, boat trips and lazy afternoons in the pool.

Since then, I’ve worked on a client project and the internal R&D team, which offered an interesting combination of functional and technical work. Carrying out software development work for one of Alfa’s clients offered insight into the client company’s business operations as well as how Alfa’s product can help them and evolve to suit their requirements. My time with the internal R&D team provided me with lots of exciting technical challenges. The experience was an invaluable opportunity to work closely with extremely experienced developers and helped me grow further technically.

One of the best things about Alfa is how friendly everyone is! It is extremely easy to talk to colleagues of all levels. Even as a Junior Consultant, it was easy (and not at all daunting) to ask Operational Board members for help on an issue I was working on a few months into the job. Alfers are also a lot of fun outside of work. There are always drinks on Friday after work which is a great way to kick off the weekend!