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When I graduated in 2014, I realised I wanted a career in business and finance. Fortunately for me, I was able to secure a year’s internship with Societe Generale Investment Bank, where I worked as a Product Controller. It was a steep learning curve and I learned a lot about business, corporate finance, and working as part of a team; especially when handling the mad rush of financial activities that come during month end and quarter end. It was fun. 

Be that as it may, I decided to move on after my internship as the role got a bit repetitive and I didn’t feel challenged anymore. I stumbled upon Alfa when I was reviewing job opportunities. My interest in the Junior Consultant role was piqued because of the unique combination of exposure to finance, business and technical programming this job offered. 

However, what intrigued me the most was the excellent reviews across multiple platforms, the outstanding approval rating for the CEO (on Glassdoor) and the fact their consultants came from a very diverse background (for example, one of the consultant studied Classics at University). I thought this was too good to be true. How could consultants from non-technical background be brought up to speed so quickly? How could the reviews be this good? I had to find out, so I applied. I attended a series of challenging interviews and eventually got the job.

After joining the Alfa team, I was immediately impressed with the culture and the training programme. No expense is spared in ensuring that the new recruits are well trained and equipped with the skills necessary to execute the role. Everyone is friendly and willing to help explain things. In addition, the social events are really awesome.

That being said, the best part about working here at Alfa really is the people and the nature of the job. Not only are all the consultants, managers and directors smart, friendly and approachable, making it a comfortable place to work, the satisfaction I get from seeing my work add value to the client’s business in a relatively short space of time is very rewarding. The quality of training and the diversity of the challenges (as you rotate across different teams) constantly stimulate me to improve, and become the best consultant I can be.