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Alfa initially interested me due to the breadth of career opportunities available. I understood that I wanted a technical role but I also wanted a bit of variety, dealing with clients and working with people. So far, Alfa has really lived up to my expectations.

The six week on-boarding programme allows you to get up to speed quickly. You don't need a technical background or any coding experience to apply, and I work alongside colleagues who have studied a range of degrees including Classics and Music. The learning curve is initially steep, but it’s also a lot of fun learning about new technologies and getting to know more about asset finance.

I was really impressed by the amount of effort put into the training. I was given a dedicated supervisor over the first six weeks whose sole job was to help me out with any issues (which were many at the start!). After this, I was put straight onto a project team developing enhancements for a large US automotive finance company on the run up to ALFA, our software platform,  going live. 

Over the year and a few months I've been at Alfa, I've been fortunate enough to have worked on a variety of different projects, based in Europe and beyond. Currently I'm working on a client site in the UK with a leading European bank where we're about to release a major upgrade of ALFA. 
On this project I’ve been responsible for working through any issues with the application that the client may have, and ensuring that they get fixed before the go-live - as well as helping supporting users in their testing. Being able to quickly identify and suggest updates to inefficient processes is key.  It's been really rewarding to work with clients on the ground and see them utilise the benefits that our team delivered. They’re usually quite thankful as well!

The environment in the London office really is collaborative and friendly, and there's always something fun going on, whether it’s going climbing, playing a game of squash or getting involved in some kind of CSR activity. Around 20 of us have just signed up to do a 10km Tough Mudder type of race to raise money for London’s Air Ambulance! 

The quarterly company meetings are also a great chance to catch up with people. We get to hear about how each project is going and any potential business prospects, and then usually get involved in an activity afterwards. So far I’ve been go-karting, dragonboat racing on the Thames, and cycling in the Olympic velodrome.

Up until now it's been a lot of fun; it's been a steep learning curve but it's a place where I can already see many opportunities for my career to grow.