At A&O we recognise that people are different, in ways that we can see and ways that we can’t. We believe that this diversity makes us stronger. As well as creating a rich working environment that makes our work more enjoyable, the business benefits are clear. Being diverse and ensuring that we are inclusive helps us to attract the best people, innovate and understand and relate to our clients.

Our goal is simple: we want A&O to be a place where a diverse group of people can be themselves and bring the best of themselves to their careers.

Achieving this is a little more complex. Understanding the benefits of diversity is not enough to make the difference. In the real world we need to act in a more deliberate way to ensure that we take care to create an inclusive working environment where everyone can contribute and progress.

Our guiding principles are: 

We challenge ourselves to make our culture more inclusive for all.

Maximum Impact
We focus our resources on areas that will have the biggest impact on the success of our people and business.

Global & Local
We understand that the issues and challenges are different in each jurisdiction and adapt our approach while pursuing a common goal.

Open & honest
We are not afraid to tell our story and share our challenges.

Influencing the bigger picture
We play our part in informing and shaping the debate beyond A&O.

We are associated with the following organisations as part of our diversity initiatives:
Aspiring Solicitors, PRIME, Rare Recruitment, Stonewall, Sutton Trust, Timewise, Working Families.