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I got a place on the PM grad scheme through application on the Arcadis website. Having been in and around construction my entire life, I had known of EC Harris for years, so when applying for jobs Arcadis was one of my first ports of call. My experience of working in Shanghai in 2012 left me with a drive to be able to work abroad at some point in my career, being such a large company with a global presence there are endless opportunities at Arcadis to work abroad.

Typically, my role is assisting my more senior colleagues with the projects they are managing. Currently I am putting project bids together to send to potential clients. This is a great way to get to grips with the business, as I am responsible for pulling everything together and seeing how the whole process works. On top of these bids, I am currently helping manage two projects, this requires several skills and really is varied from day to day. One day I will be based in the office, preparing reports and charts, the next day I will be on site with the client to assess current progress and evaluate our options. One of the main perks for me is the high level of client exposure I have experienced from the start of the scheme.

The scheme is fairly structured, but mainly revolves around what the individual is willing to contribute to the scheme. Arcadis will match any enthusiasm and so is a perfect place for a keen graduate. They are currently sponsoring me through my MSc course, and I am applying to do my APMP course over the next few months. I am aiming to complete my APC within a 24 months, depending on work commitments. Their approach to professional development is really structured around the individual and so they will move at the right pace for each graduate, meaning that each and every one of us develop when we are ready.

For me, the best thing about working with Arcadis is the ability to challenge yourself. When given a piece of work, I will aim to send the work back in such a way that I exceed any expectations when the work was set. This is achievable because everybody is more than happy to lend a hand when asked, and that anybody really can get on with any project if they have the right mind-set and determination.

Outside of work, the social aspect of the company is thriving. There are numerous sports clubs and activities to get involved in. All colleagues, both graduates and full time, are very welcoming and sociable people, making the office a very amicable and enthusiastic environment to work in.