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8.3 / 10

(based on 3 ratings in 2017)


"The evaluation process does not connect the assessor with the intern, so make sure to talk with your manager for mentorship."
Intern, London
"Supervisors and case managers are very accessible. I had great guidance when I began my internship, which led to some very enjoyable projects."
Intern, London


"Supervisors are extremely accessible. They regularly check-up with you and you're usually going out for drinks with them anyway. The feedback process is good too."
Intern, London
"Interns are considered as a proper part of the team from day one."
Intern, London


"Interns have almost the same responsibilities as Business Analysts. Each intern has an assessor that collates and provides feedback, as well as a more informal buddy, who is usually a Business Analyst."
Intern, London
"The size of the office implies that the interns are directly exposed to the most senior staff. They also have a coach and a buddy to guide them all along the internship."
Intern, London
"Interns are considered as Business Analysts, and I found it very easy to integrate into the junior team."
Intern, London
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