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Interview: Tips & Advice


"The process includes an interview, a small case, an Excel case and a presentation. The interview and case can be prepared for. The Excel case is not often found in other companies so be prepared to know how to build a simple model with a lot of information. Knowing how to arrange the information easily and then use it in the model is helpful."
Intern, London
"The first round is a CV interview and case study. The second round is an Excel-based case study, presentation and final interview."
Intern, London
"Taking a look at a tutorial video concerning Excel might be worth your time."
Intern, Cambridge


"After my CV and cover letter were screened, I had to go through several interviews: a general motivation/case study interview with a consultant, a one-hour long case study with managers, a 15 minutes presentation I had to prepare in advance on a subject chosen by ADL, and a final interview with a senior staff member."
Intern, London
"The interview process is two-fold. The first round is a telephone case study and the second is a further case study along with a presentation."
Intern, London


"As with other consultancies, practice case studies in advance, along with why the candidate would like to join Arthur D. Little."
Intern, London
"My advice is that candidates should get in touch with current employees to get to know the company and the office."
Intern, London
"Before the interview prepare traditional case studies, get to know the firm and how it differs from others, and try to structure your answers."
Intern, London
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