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"You can be stuck on a project for a long period of time if you're unlucky."
Intern, London
"Living in London on an intern's salary can be challenging, although the signing-on bonus does help."
Intern, London
"The workload can be hard to predict and variable."
Intern, Cambridge


"It is sometimes hard to plan your schedule in advance as a project or a long day can come up really quickly."
Intern, London
"As in many consultancies, it is unlikely that you'll be able to make plans during the week as you may be asked to go abroad or to a client's site with very little notice."
Intern, London


"Office hours can get fairly heavy, although the team leaders try to ensure a good work/life balance."
Intern, London
"Working with only a few people in the office is perhaps a minus."
Intern, London
"The uncertainty at times of what you are working on next week, as with any consultancy."
Intern, London
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