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Satisfaction with Work

8.0 / 10

(based on 3 ratings in 2017)


"The work can range from being menial and boring to giving you a leading role as part of exciting projects. It also depends on how much the intern puts themself forward to take on interesting work."
Intern, London
"The role varies significantly day to day, which is one of the key reasons I enjoy the job! For example, I could begin the day conducting research on a business area I have no prior knowledge about, and end the day discussing potential strategies for the client with my case manager."
Intern, London
"It's good but there can be an imbalance between time spent on proposals compared to case work."
Intern, Cambridge


"I have had various responsibilities which were very similar to those of a Business Analyst. These responsibilities comprise: doing market and technical research, data analysis, contributing to Powerpoint presentations, etc."
Intern, London
"Day-to-day I have been conducting internet research, building slides and generally being of help to the case manager."
Intern, London


"Interns are given the chance to interact with the client, as well as to develop their skills in contact with their peers."
Intern, London
"As an intern, I was integrated into the core project team and given the same responsibilities as junior staff. I undertook diverse tasks, including data collection and analysis, preparation of reports and presentations, attending client meetings, interviews, etc."
Intern, London
"Responsibilities vary across projects and typically include financial modelling, research, participating in, and at times conducting, stakeholder interviews and participating in the final report. Interns also help with business development work, writing parts of proposals and updating contacts databases."
Intern, London
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