7.3 / 10

(based on 16 ratings in 2017)


"More women have been recruited into the training contract scheme than men over the last four years. This seems representative of the gender split studying law at universities in the UK. There are more men in the partnership than women but the firm has a good history of offering flexible working and there are at least three women on the firm's governing board."
Newly qualified solicitor, Bristol
"I understand that the firm has policies in place for diversity. Partners and board members seem to be male dominated but this may reflect that generation. If you look lower down to recently qualified people and trainees, a large proportion of them are female."
First year trainee, Exeter/Tiverton
"The firm is not the most diverse at the higher levels but the junior levels of the firm are relatively diverse when it comes to female solicitors. I know that many fee earners, both male and female, work flexible hours due to having children."
Second year trainee, Exeter
"It's great to see that maternity, paternity and flexible working patterns have been adopted."
Second year trainee, Exeter
"The firm seems to have the opposite culture of most in that the majority of hires are female."
First year trainee, Bristol
"There are lots of women at the junior level but this is less representative at more senior levels."
Second year trainee, Bristol
"As a regional firm, there is limited opportunity to employ a diverse ethnic spread."
First year trainee, Taunton


"Ashfords is not the most diverse firm. This is probably not due to the way that the firm recruits or its attitude to current staff members. It is difficult to pinpoint why there is a lack of diversity. At a junior level there are a significant number of female solicitors. This is not yet reflected at partner level but hopefully will be as we progress through the career process."
First year trainee, Bristol
"There are lots of women working their way into senior roles, and many fee earners with children work flexibly following maternity leave."
First year trainee, Exeter
"Good retention and promotion among women and ethnic minorities below partnership. Partnership and board and dominated by white men, but that may be reflective of those qualifying 15–20 years ago."
Second year trainee, Exeter
"The office is very female-heavy, although a large majority of the partners are male. I know of several staff members, both male and female, who work flexible hours due to childcare commitments."
First year trainee, Exeter


"Promotion among female members of staff is equal to that of male employees. There are a large number of female partners. There are not many ethnic minorities working for the firm at present, but I think that this is probably due to geographic reasons, with most offices located in South West England. The firm is very encouraging to staff with regards maternity and childcare."
First year trainee, Exeter
"Ashfords has a strong diversity policy in place which can be seen through its recruitment, with a good mix of men and women. Ashfords is very supportive of childcare and maternity leave, offering enhanced maternity pay."
Second year trainee, Exeter


"The staff at Ashfords is quite diverse with an increasing number of women becoming parters and senior members of staff. Diversity figures are regularly shown in the firm prospectus with a fair split across diversities both in terms of retention and promotion. There are more women in my year group of trainees than men but previous years have generally been roughly even."
First year trainee, Exeter
"My department contains many women, all of which balance childcare and work. Ashfords are very flexible with maternity and child care arrangements as far as I am aware."
Second year trainee, Exeter
"I can only comment on diversity in terms of age; in my intake the firm took on a number of career changers."
Second year trainee, Taunton
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