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Offices & Dress

8.0 / 10

(based on 14 ratings in 2016)


"I really like working in the Bristol office. The space is modern, light and clean and is located in the centre of Bristol. It is convenient for socialising after work. The dress code is fairly relaxed. Office attire is required Monday to Thursday (although suits and ties are only required if meeting clients or external third parties). Friday is a full dress down day for the Bristol office. Girls do not feel that they have to wear heels everyday and boys are not required to wear a tie everyday."
First year trainee, Bristol
"We have a great cafe, and a gym. Dress code is more relaxed than some firms but does vary between departments. Not everyone wears a full suit everyday. Casual business dress on Fridays."
First year trainee, Exeter
"The main office in Exeter is fairly big and modern. A refit has recently been undertaken in the client areas to make all the firms offices 'on brand'. There is ample parking for everyone which is a bonus. The dress code is general office attire, although it is more relaxed than some firms in regards to colour etc."
First year trainee, Exeter
"The London office is modern and open plan. It is great to be able to interact with colleagues in an open environment."
Second year trainee, London
"Location is good. We're in the centre of Bristol a few minutes from Cabot Circus. Facilities are all satisfactory. Free tea and coffee in the kitchen area and staff are free to store cereal/lunches etc in the cupboards and fridges. Dress code is smart but ties and blazers are not required for men unless meeting a client. Friday is a smart casual dress down day."
First year trainee, Bristol
"The offices have recently had internal work done to them and as a result all look very smart. The Exeter office has a canteen and a gym, which are both invaluable!"
First year trainee, Exeter
"Ashords has recently renovated its offices to have a uniform style. I have worked in the Exeter and Plymouth offices, where the facilities are as expected for a leading law firm. The Exeter office has an on site gym. The dress code is normal, but men do not need to wear ties outside of client meetings/contact. Friday is business casual day (ie shirt and smart trousers)."
Second year trainee, Exeter
"Open plan and modern with refurbishments taking place recently at a lot of the offices. Dress code varies between departments but mostly not overly formal and we have a dress-down Friday every week so you can come in a little more casual if you like."
First year trainee, Taunton - Somerset


"All the offices are different. Exeter is modern and has all the space and facilities you could need. The dress code is smart office wear although we do have business casual Fridays."
First year trainee, Exeter
"All offices have undergone a revamp in the last 12 months (the Exeter client area is currently undergoing one). The Exeter office has a gym and changing room which suits me, a cyclist. The dress code to an extent is dictated by the partners in the team. I wear suit trousers, and a formal shirt but no tie. I have a tie and jacket to hand for client meetings."
First year trainee, Exeter
"All of the firm's offices are good. Speaking about Bristol only, the office has recently been refurbished and the client areas are particularly smart. Although the facilities for cyclists could be improved, as there is just one shower, the location, just on the edge of Cabot Circus and within a ten minute walk of Temple Meads is perfect."
First year trainee, Bristol
"The dress code is as you would expect for an office although Fridays are business casual. Most staff just keep a jacket and tie to hand for client meetings rather than wearing them all day. Offices are very spacious and open-plan, and are located very well in their respective cities for transport links. The Exeter office sports its own gym and cafe."
Second year trainee, Exeter
"Our London, Bristol and Plymouth offices have all recently had a refurbishment. The Exeter office is currently undergoing one. The firm tends to favour a smart-casual approach for dress, however some departments are stricter on this approach (usually depending on the type of clients they meet) than others."
Second year trainee, Exeter


"All the offices are very different - both in style, personnel and in terms of the actual buildings."
Second year trainee, Taunton
"The offices are all open-plan and are currently going through an extensive IT upgrade. Two of our offices have also gone through recent refurbishment incorporating the Ashfords brand colours. The offices are well located with the head office just by the motorway in Exeter - meaning great links to the other offices and the surrounding area. The dress code is standard business dress with Fridays generally being more casual business dress."
First year trainee, Exeter
"Our London and Bristol offices are fantastic, in the centre of both cities. Whilst the Exeter and Taunton offices are purpose built and modern, they are both out of town."
Second year trainee, Exeter
"I work in a friendly, open-plan environment with a café and a gym. The only downside is that it is outside of town. The dress code is smart but this is not strictly enforced unless you are meeting a client."
First year trainee, Exeter
"Just had a refurb which has vastly improved the office space, although if expansion goes ahead as planned we may outgrow the space in a couple of years. The dress code is smart but relaxed."
Second year trainee, Plymouth
"All the offices are well fitted out with good facilities. Dress code: suit (optional tie unless meeting clients), casual business Friday every week (trousers, shirt)."
First year trainee, Exeter and Plymouth
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