6.6 / 10

(based on 16 ratings in 2017)


"The pay is competitive for this area of the country."
Second year trainee, Taunton
"The firm has historically lagged behind its competitors but this is being brought into line."
Newly qualified solicitor, Bristol
"Ashfords' salary for the South West is OK."
First year trainee, Exeter/Tiverton
"Ashfords conducts a yearly bonus and pay review scheme, which is good. That said, the base salary is a little low for the market but does increase significantly on qualification."
Second year trainee, Exeter
"It's a very good salary for my location."
Newly qualified solicitor, Taunton, Somerset
"The pay for the firm has improved although it is still not where it could be. The firm offers a bonus, which is a great incentive and a nice little addition to your pay."
First year trainee, Exeter
"You can earn a little bit more at some comparable firms in Bristol but I think you probably pay for it in other ways such as hours and culture etc. Bonuses are based on the growth of the firm."
First year trainee, Bristol
"The bonus structure works well and the pay is average for the area."
First year trainee, Exeter
"I think the pay could be more competitive."
Second year trainee, Bristol


"I feel that we are not really remunerated appropriately for the level of effort put in by most junior staff members. Although pay does increase between first and second year as a trainee, the levels of these are still unsatisfactory when compared with our counterparts in Bristol and London. We do get a yearly bonus, which is tied to the financial performance of the firm as a whole. This has been a successful scheme, which is enjoyed by all members of staff."
First year trainee, Bristol
"Since I joined the firm our pay has increased and I have been really happy with this. It could be more competitive, but I feel that the firm is working towards this every year. We also receive a bonus in July in relation to the firm's performance."
Second year trainee, London
"Pay could be higher (known to be lower than some competitors in the area) but generally acceptable. I think the firm acknowledges this and is keeping it under close review."
First year trainee, Bristol
"Recent pay increase brings it more into line with local market."
Second year trainee, Exeter
"The pay is slightly below other firms in the South West, although it does increase in the second year and I understand the bonus scheme is a generous one."
First year trainee, Exeter
"Ashfords run a good staff bonus scheme."
Second year trainee, Exeter
"The pay has improved since I arrived and I consider it to be a good trainee salary outside of London. The benefits and bonus policies are fair."
Second year trainee, Exeter
"Pay seems to be competitive for the area, although the firm does vary pay depending on office location. There is a once-a-year bonus scheme, which is great."
First year trainee, Taunton - Somerset
"There are firm-wide bonuses."
First year trainee, Taunton
"The trainee pay is poor compared to similar size firms in the area. However, there is a relatively generous bonus scheme and the pay on qualification is much more competitive."
First year trainee, Exeter


"I think the salary is fair and competitive, given our distance from London. The bonus pay out was 5% of earnings this year which I also thought was fair."
First year trainee, Exeter
"I think that my salary is quite good for the South West, it rises in the second year of the training contract, and we received a bonus this year. Salaries were perceived as low which led trainees to leave in the past. However, this year salaries were increased across the firm."
First year trainee, Exeter
"Ashfords pays a good salary on par with local firms. They operate a good bonus scheme, which is dependent on year on year growth."
Second year trainee, Exeter
"The pay is in line with the salary for the South West. The bonus is a generous one and has been paid for the last three years - fingers crossed for year four!"
Second year trainee, Exeter


"Pay is quite decent for the region I am in and the firm offers a number of bonuses. You can buy extra holiday and there is an annual bonus scheme."
First year trainee, Exeter
"I would say that trainees and paralegals are paid below average, but the jump in salary from trainee to NQ is very good."
Second year trainee, Exeter
"The salary is hardly the best in the country but the firm does treat us very well in other ways and there is a big jump in salary upon qualification. There is also an annual bonus scheme applicable to all staff."
First year trainee, Exeter
"The firm has introduced a firm-wide bonus scheme, which is a good motivator for all staff."
First year trainee, London
"Ashfords has a fantastic bonus scheme but probably a lower wage compared to competitors."
Second year trainee, Exeter
"Pay is decent enough given the local wage, but feels low given comparisons nationally."
Second year trainee, Exeter
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