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Tackling inequalities - enriching education

ATL is committed to equality, fairness and social justice in education and beyond. ATL promotes equality and diversity for students, members and the education workforce.

Our membership demands that we strive for fairness and equality of opportunity for all and this thread runs throughout all our policy work, our CPD and training, our understanding of our members and our communications work.

Equalities issues don't exist in a bubble. Just as we all have a vital role to play in highlighting and tackling inequalities, we will all, at some point in our lives, be affected or touched by such issues. All of us will get older, some of us may become physically disabled, others may suffer from mental health issues or stress. We may have younger or older dependants to look after and need to work flexibly and we will certainly come across many issues including discrimination, harassment, domestic violence and abuse, racism, homo-, bi-, and transphobia, bullying and sexism within education settings, whether in the classroom or the staffroom.