The basics of the assessment stage at Atkins

The basics of an interview at Atkins

If successful at the online application and testing stages you will be contacted by email for a telephone interview. This stage is part of the selection process involving a phone call with a graduate advisor of up to 30 minutes and is an opportunity for us to engage with you and sense check your application information. The interview will have a technical focus, but will also contain questions allowing us to ascertain information regarding your desire to work for Atkins and your interest in the role you have applied for. If successful again at this stage, you will then be invited to one of Atkins assessment centres which will include further exercises.

Assessment Centre

If you get through to our assessment centre you will partake in a one to one technical interview with the business and a range of other exercises that look at your suitability for the role and Atkins. Remember, this is a two-way process and is as much for you to find out about whether Atkins is right for you, so make sure you use this opportunity to ask questions!

Atkins recruiters say that candidates needn’t fear the technical elements; this is primarily a review of things they have studied during their degree, and will cover topics in a general way rather than requiring detailed knowledge. The important thing is that candidates demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of their subject, while showing that they can work through questions methodically. Questions will vary depending on the specific role applied for.

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