Career Prospects

6.9 / 10

(based on 61 ratings in 2015)


"The career path is well trodden - you will move from a graduate to an assistant engineer after 3 years and senior engineer on getting chartered. Following that it depends on what career path you chose, your performance and opportunities. I have heard many people say the best way to get on beyond that point is to leave and come back however."
Graduate Engineer, Warrington
"I think it used to be easy, a lot of management have been here for years, however in recent times, promotion and progression aren't easy."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Glasgow
"There is lots of room for progression into both general and specific areas of the team which you are interested in."
Graduate Building Surveyor, London
"On entering employment with Atkins you begin at Grade Eight - graduate level. To reach Grade Nine takes between a year and a year and a half, dependent on sector. To be promoted you must maintain a high level of productivity and drive."
Graduate Chemical Engineer, Bristol
"It is not too hard to progress as long as you are focused on developing good client relations to win work."
Graduate Chemical Engineer, Bristol
"The Graduate Development Programme presents clear opportunities for promotion/progression as long as performance is as expected."
Human Factors Consultant, London
"As long as you work hard, are diligent, go above the call-of-duty in your areas of strength and are faithful, the opportunities for promotion are there."
Consultant, Manchester
"If you are willing to move about, work hard and get lots of experience career progression appears promising."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Edinburgh
"Many of the current board for my business area started with Atkins as graduates."
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Rotherham
"As long as you work hard and engage with the organisation it seems like it is very achievable."
Graduate Project Manager, Tunbridge Wells


"Whilst on the programme there are structured promotion points and as such it is straight forward."
Graduate, London
"I believe that as long as you show aptitude you will be put forward for promotion. It does help to be proactive in selling yourself at strategic times (diplomatically of course)."
Graduate, London
"There is a set promotion scheme whilst in the graduate scheme, however it becomes performance based and dependent on chartership following this."
Graduate, Bristol
"There is a grading system and it is up to you to look at what attributes are required for the next grade and to request experiences to meet these attributes from your manager, which they will try to help you achieve if the opportunities arise in the business."
Graduate, Derby
"The graduate programme clearly defines a graduate's promotion to a certain level provided that the graduate is putting in the required work to aim to achieve their professional qualification."
Graduate, Stockton
"It is easy to move up the ranks at Atkins, it all depends on your ability to take on responsibility and also what path you wish to take with regards to your career, either Technical (e.g. Modelling), Business (biding for projects) or Commercial (planning the future of the company)."
Graduate, Epsom
"So far I have been very fortunate in been given a number of promotions, I'm now at a grade I will most likely stop at for one or two years, then I think it will be more apparent."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Promotion possibilities tend to be good. Beyond a certain grade you have to pass a promotion panel, so this is clearer."
Graduate, Epsom
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