8.3 / 10

(based on 72 ratings in 2015)


"It is a very friendly, social team and company. There are a variety of sports teams to join and things to get involved in."
Graduate Building Surveyor, London
"There are lots of graduates in the office who socialise together at lunchtimes and outside of work (pub trips, climbing, BBQs etc.). Great cooperation between colleagues, everyone is always happy to help and you get to work with a large range of people."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Bristol
"As a graduate, I find the culture within the office and after-hours a great environment to be in and a fantastic opportunity to meet others from the company."
Graduate Structural Engineer,
"The culture is outstanding. I have friendly, approachable colleagues, positive work environment and a horizontal management structure where you feel equally valued as a graduate as you would if you were senior. There is a good social life outside of the office too."
Graduate Safety Engineer, Epsom
"The office is brilliant to meet good people and to develop personal and professional relationships. The teamwork and cooperation between the team enables a good working atmosphere. The leadership are sociable and easy to talk to and enable all of us to work in the best conditions possible."
Graduate Building Surveyor, Leeds
"Atkins has a friendly, approachable environment with plenty of opportunity for career progression."
Human Factors Consultant, London
"This is a friendly office, and those higher up are pretty approachable too. It is a pretty sociable team, and is great to mingle with employees in other teams."
Graduate Transport Planner, Leeds
"A very friendly environment to work in, with lots of social events. I would not say there is any separation between senior staff members and those who are more junior in the office, so you always feel that they are happy to answer questions."
Graduate Process Engineer, London
"Everyone is keen to help each other if needed if they possess the knowledge on the subject in question. Good opportunities for social events both on the graduate level or office level."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Epsom
"There is a friendly culture full of people keen to share knowledge and develop you as an engineer."
Graduate Structural Engineer, London


"The culture at Faithful + Gould is excellent. There is an excellent team within the office who all actively assist each other. Out of hours there is an active social culture, there are outings which involve the entire office, individual teams within the office and a wider graduate community that is open to all Atkins UK graduates from all businesses within the group."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I think we have an excellent company culture both in and out of the office. We are sociable, friendly, welcoming and happy to help one another. We arrange many social activities and I have made a lot of friends at Atkins. Although there is a clear hierarchy, I feel I can talk freely and honestly to absolutely anyone, even our CEO."
Graduate, London
"My team culture is excellent within the office. Graduate groups have formed within this office to offer support, and are starting to organise social activities."
Graduate, Warrington
"One of Atkins' main focuses is on the Culture of its employees. They take great pride in the people component to the organisation which is often overlooked within large companies. My team leader and head of department are extremely approachable and take the time to discuss career progression and development plans. Social events are often planned throughout the year, for example a Summer Social and Christmas Party along with monthly Graduate socials and sporting events."
Graduate, London
"During work hours everyone is very friendly and supportive, and will always try to find the time to help you out. Outside work there is a strong culture, particularly within the graduate community, of socialising."
Graduate, Bristol
"Each of the offices have a social community and generally the bigger offices will have regular social activities. Everyone is very friendly and willing to help out, even those more senior. The graduates are well looked after and it is obvious that they are important to the future of the company. There is a lot of teamwork both within Atkins and as part of a larger multi-company and client team."
Graduate, Swindon
"Atkins are very proud to have an open and honest culture, and in my office it is important that everyone is respected equally, regardless of position."
Graduate, Rotherham
"Managers and graduates sit amongst one another, and there is good teamwork with everyone willing to help each other out. It is a very friendly atmosphere, we have good social sports clubs such as football, cricket, squash, and badminton to name a few."
Graduate, Epsom
"In the office, everyone is generally extremely busy but can stop for a chat here and there. The managers are always very approachable and are willing to help you if you are willing to put the effort in. Outside of work, the graduate community is very strong, and there are often grad events organised. In our own team we socialise every couple of weeks."
Graduate, Epsom
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