Interview Questions


"During the interview I was asked technical questions on structural and civil engineering, personal questions on my hobbies and interests and extra-curricular activities, and had group activities involving simulated projects."
Graduate Engineer, Warrington
"The assessment centre was broken down into different stages. The questions can range from something very technical and full of calculations to an HR question like "Why did you chose Atkins?" I suggest coming prepared and be ready to be challenged on the day."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Edinburgh
"I had to give examples of where I may have been managing a team or group of individuals when faced with a difficult or sensitive situation. This was in addition to giving examples where I have used my own initiative and experience to solve a problem."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Epsom
"I was given standard competency based questions ("Tell me about a time when...") as well as technical questions based on the technical exam you write in the morning of the assessment centre."
Graduate Safety Engineer, Epsom
"I was asked questions about my university degree, work experience, reasons for choosing civil engineering as a career and on the tests I had undertaken as part of the assessment centre."
Graduate Geotechnical Engineer, Leeds
"I was asked about different hydraulic structures and flood defences, and the way they are constructed and how they work. The interview was nothing scary, both interviewers helped me if I got stuck and guided me through the answers to see how I was thinking."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Epsom
"As well as being given questions about the industry, I was asked why I wanted to work here and what I knew about Atkins."
Graduate Engineer, Birmingham
"I was asked a range of questions about myself, my academic work, and my achievements both inside and outside of the classroom. These are designed to get a feel for how well you fit with Atkins' ethos and approach to work. There were also a number of technical questions - the focus of these is to assess both your existing knowledge, and probably more importantly your thought processes and how you approach a problem."
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Rotherham
"I was asked to discuss if I had ever found myself in a situation where me or my team were pushed to finish an item of work for a deadline, and what I would do if I was asked to do something that I'd never done before and didn't know how to do."
Graduate Environmental Scientist, Warrington
"I was given technical and non-technical questions. The technical questions varied from simple engineering calculations to constructability issues of different scenarios. Non-technical questions were scenario based, so describing an example of how you worked well under pressure, as a team, etc."
Graduate Civil Engineer, London


"Interview questions included: why do you want to work for the company? Why do you feel you would be suitable for the role? What are your plans for career progression? There were also a number of technical questions relating directly to the position applied for."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I was given a technical interview where I was asked about my knowledge of things such as change management and knowledge management. I also had to sell a product that I had thought up in a Dragon's Den style interview, where I was asked a bit about finances."
Graduate, London
"My technical interview focused on my technical test which consisted of three varied structural engineering questions. We discussed my approach and answers. The interviewers weren't looking for necessarily looking for correct answers but were testing my general knowledge of the subject areas to inform a discussion about my competency."
Entry level, London
"My interviewer asked me 'if you find yourself in a difficult situation with the client, how do you react? These questions were related to understanding how you would react in difficult situations, either by pressures imposed by the client or internally."
Graduate, Derby
"The interview consisted of questions such as 'why have you applied to Atkins? 'How has your background prepared you for the role?' 'Tell me about a time you worked in a team,' 'tell me about a time you inspired a change'."
Graduate, Glasgow
"In my technical interview I was asked about beam diagrams and logic problems in order to see how I would go about solving a problem."
Graduate, Rotherham
"I was asked about my reasons for wanting to join the company, and my motivations to be a structural engineer, past projects which impressed me."
Graduate, Epsom
"My technical interview focused on the actual role, where we had to prepare and present a product proposal (Dragon's Den style) and answer questions on consulting and project management. There was also a written test, a presentation test and an observed group conversation."
Graduate, London
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