"Sometimes high workloads can mean long hours."
Graduate Structural Engineer, warrington
"Some timescales on projects can be very tight, meaning that graduates can feel pressured."
Graduate Engineer, Derby
"As I've been working on large projects, there can sometimes be time pressure which could be overwhelming if dealing with multiple deadlines."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Edinburgh
"Sometimes there is not enough work for graduates between projects."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Bristol
"I wanted there to be more training on offer."
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, London
"Personally, I feel like there is a lot of bureaucracy at Atkins."
Graduate Naval Architect, London
"There is limited space in the office at the moment."
Graduate Environmental Scientist, Glasgow
"I have found that it is difficult to move around teams."
Graduate Transport Planner, Epsom
"I do think there is enough 'structured' graduate training: there are plenty of impromptu discussions and lessons, but a more formalised training programme for all graduates would be good."
Graduate Structural Engineer, London
"I have found that my work is stressful at times, and overtime isn't paid."
Graduate Structural Engineer, London
"I think that communication from upper management needs to be improved."
Graduate Chemical Engineer, Aberdeen
"I want more direction and plans for graduate development to be available."
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Derby
"I want to be given more support at work."
Graduate Engineer, Derby


"Sometimes there can be too much additional 'stuff' that distracts from work."
Graduate, Bristol
"The sheer size of the company can be a little overwhelming for new starters."
Graduate, London
"The workload can fluctuate due to the consultancy nature of our business, we sometimes have short periods of low workload where there isn't much to do."
Graduate, Bristol
"You don't always have the opportunity to choose the project you work on."
Graduate, Bristol
"I think the only minus that I could find is that the number of young female engineers is very limited although this is a generic problem and does not only apply to my company."
Graduate, Epsom
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