7.6 / 10

(based on 62 ratings in 2015)


"I have had training on health and safety, contract law and presentation giving."
Graduate Geotechnical Engineer, Birmingham
"Training has to be sought personally, but there are plenty of training schemes available that will be funded by the company."
Graduate Structural Engineer, warrington
"I have attended a number of training sessions, from basic technical ones (introduction to the nuclear industry) to quite specialised ones (e.g. contract law training, nuclear safety case training, etc). Skills I have acquired include technical, financial, legal and project management, etc."
Graduate Safety Engineer, Epsom
"I have had CAD training, and sessions on industry familiarisation, familiarisation of the company and what is expected from you."
Human Factors Consultant, London
"I am just about to start my chartership with CIM but have undertook various internal training courses related to business development within the business."
Graduate Business Trainee, Birmingham
"There are plenty of training courses available and it's easy to get on them as long as they're included within your development plan."
Graduate Transport Planner, Leeds
"Atkins has a number of recognised training schemes and within these there are a number of opportunities for formal and informal training, both for technical and soft skills. While this training may often be determined by what is required for project work, there are also opportunities to undertake training for professional development purposes."
Graduate Geotechnical Engineer, Leeds
"There are lots of online modules to do, and we get a budget to go to out of office training courses each year."
Graduate Environmental Scientist, Glasgow
"I have informal CPD presentations once per week, and numerous other training courses and sessions as well."
Graduate Structural Engineer, London
"There are excellent training courses (professional writing, Eurocodes, etc) as well as learning from more experience engineers on-the-job."
Graduate Civil Engineer, London
"I have been on a number of training courses since starting and the company has a firm commitment towards training its people. Every PDR allows focus on three elements that you wish to strengthen and this allows three training courses to work towards improving these weaknesses."
Process Engineer, Aberdeen
"I am on the Graduate Development Programme which is a three year programme within the organisation. I will be doing my NEBOSH training shortly and also my PRINCE2 qualification."
Graduate Project Manager, Nottingham


"Training opportunities are numerous and the company is flexible in what it will sponsor which is a positive. The down side to this is that if you don't have a clear career path in mind it can be difficult to decide what training to undertake. Personally I am working towards CIMA accreditation and have completed Prince 2 and APM courses."
Graduate, London
"There is a set training programme for the graduate scheme, as well as numerous other courses which are available with line manager approval."
Graduate, Bristol
"In my role, much of my training comes from my experience of working on projects. I am always supported in carrying out my job and all staff members are available for advice. Specific training in specialist subjects is always provided when required."
Graduate, Birmingham
"We get lots of various training, and whenever a training course of interest comes up we are usually allowed to attend if it is relevant. I have been on many courses such as project management, contract law, electrical regulations, software courses, etc."
Graduate, York
"There are lots of opportunities, but you must find them, present them and if you make a good case, you will likely get the training. There are sometimes financial considerations through the financial year but generally this aspect is good."
Graduate, London
"Even though I work in an office I have been on several training courses such as Street Works, National Hygiene and Confined Spaces. I can now set up temporary traffic lights, work safely with water that may not be potable and enter a chamber with breathing equipment and work and use it safely."
Graduate, Epsom
"During the first two years in my business area we move around the business doing different placements, which is a great way to learn about the business. I have also been on technical (related to signalling engineering), non-technical courses (presentation skills, report writing, finance, project management, etc.) And safety courses (generally railway related)."
Graduate, Swindon
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