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How to answer 'Please state here any extra information that you think may help your application' when applying to Babcock

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You may find it easier to hold off answering this question until you have drafted your answers to ‘Why do you want to work for Babcock?’ and ‘What attracts you to this role’, as these require longer answers and you may wish to save your primary examples for these.

One approach to providing this ‘extra information’ is to scour the graduate recruitment pages of Babcock’s website for details of the skills you’ll need to use on the particular scheme that you are applying for, then come up with examples of your own achievements that fit in with these.

Depending on the scheme, these could include:

  • Evidence of flexibility (on many of Babcock’s graduate schemes you’re likely to need to move to different locations in the UK, and take on different roles as part of the graduate programme) – perhaps you’ve been able to help out an employer by being flexible as to which shift you worked in a summer job, or adapted to a changing brief on a technical project
  • Evidence of customer handling, negotiation and dealing with difficult situations – if you’ve worked as a shop assistant or bar-tender, for example, you’re likely to have done so
  • Pitching for something – such as running for an position in the student union or on your college exec
  • Project management – you don’t need to have headed up an entire project; taking responsibility for one specific aspect is well worth mentioning
  • Assessing and reducing costs – you may have done a project on this on a work placement, or perhaps you analysed how much you and your housemates were spending on shared costs and found a way to reduce this
  • Coming up with and implementing improvements or new initiatives – whether in a job, for a society or just to help your family or friends
  • Finance – for example being a treasurer, taking a finance module or simply setting up a comprehensive set of spreadsheets to keep your personal finances in order
  • Procurement – have you ordered hoodies for your student society, for example, or sourced stock for the college bar?

Other good things to mention include:

  • Academic awards or outstanding achievements (eg getting the top mark in your year-group in a particular module)
  • Non-academic achievements (eg charity funding-raising, organising independent travel overseas, gap-year projects, expeditions, directing a student musical, founding a new society…)
  • Foreign languages (Babcock’s graduate schemes are based in the UK but as an international organisation your languages, or simply your ability to learn a new one, may be useful later on)
  • Programming skills
  • Other IT skills, including spreadsheets
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