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'Why do you want to work for Babcock?' What to say in your application

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Here you need to give the impression that you understand Babcock’s business and that it has some relevance to you.

Babcock defines itself as an ‘engineering support services organisation’ and as ‘a service partner who can be trusted to deliver’. This implies a close working relationship with clients and a drive to provide them with the best possible service. Does this appeal? Would it suit you? Do you have experiences of customer service, teamwork or ‘going the extra mile’ on a project that you could talk about in your application?

Also look at who Babcock’s clients are – both relevant industries (eg energy, telecoms, defence) and specific clients (eg EDF Energy and the Ministry of Defence). Do they interest you? Do they relate to any experience you have? (NB don’t take this too far and express an overwhelming desire to work with a specific client unless it is clear that you will do so on your particular choice of graduate scheme.)

Babcock takes employee development seriously, running the Babcock Academy in partnership with Strathclyde Business School, while its graduate careers website has a focus on personal development (including chartership) and leadership. If this is important to you, say so, and stress experiences of your own that tie in with these – eg learning a new skill by yourself or taking an additional qualification in your own time.

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