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Answering 'What attracts you to this role?' in your application to Babcock

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Your answer needs to convince recruiters that you’re a serious candidate who has bothered to do some research into the specific role you’re applying for.

It also needs to link you and your background to the role. This helps give the impression of genuine interest – it implies that you were into using the relevant skills, processes or technologies before the need to find a job arose.

A typical sentence in a good answer might read: ‘I’m attracted by the opportunity that the role offers to do X. I developed an interest in this while at university/on internship/in my summer job doing Y, and was able to achieve Z.’

Pay attention both to the graduate scheme in question (eg mechanical engineering, civil engineering) and to the industry/industries you’d be working in (eg marine, nuclear, rail). If your choice of graduate scheme is a very obvious choice given your degree (eg you’re a civil engineering graduate applying for the civil engineering graduate scheme), devote most space to saying why you want to use your degree in this particular industry. But don’t forget that you could have used your degree to pursue a completely different career (eg banking or consulting) or taken on a slightly different role in the engineering industry (eg project management or supply chain) so you could briefly outline your reasons for wanting to stay in a technical role.

If you’re applying for a scheme such as design engineering, project management or safety engineering, explain why you want to go down this particular route as well as why the industry in question interests you.

You’ll of course want to write about your technical skills and experience, but include also those that relate to the client-handling, project management or financial sides of the job, as well as useful transferable skills.

Another good topic is the particular nature of the scheme you are applying for. Does it include support towards a professional qualification you wish to obtain? Babcock’s technical graduate schemes typically consist of several placements, rather than doing one thing for the entire duration – does this appeal? Likewise, look at where you will be based: on some of the company’s technical schemes you will spend time in offices or client sites in different locations – would you find this useful for your development?

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