'Describe a time when you overcame a problem as part of a team.' BAE Systems interviews explained

BAE Systems’ recruitment process differs depending on the scheme applied to. Applicants to the Sigma leadership programme can expect a telephone interview before any face-to-face interview, while applicants to other schemes typically go straight to face-to-face interviews once their initial application is successful.

Phone interviews for BAE Sigma graduate scheme

Phone interviews for the Sigma leadership programme are conducted by BAE’s recruitment partner, Discovery Graduates. The interview will tend to focus mainly on the information included on the application form, with questions designed to gather more detail about candidates’ past experiences and ability to meet the role requirements.

Previous interviews have included questions about customer service, team working and the candidate’s reasons for applying, such as ‘Describe a time when you led a team and motivated others’ and ‘Why did you choose this programme?’.

Face-to-face interviews

Face-to-face interviews are conducted as part of a longer assessment day. Like the phone interview, these are generally composed of competency-based questions for which candidates are expected to draw from previous experience. BAE interviewers are trained to record detailed descriptions of candidate behaviour during interviews, so candidates should bear this in mind. Depending on the scheme that they’ve applied for, some candidates may also face technical questions; these will relate to the scheme’s area of specialism (such as engineering, for example).

Some previous questions have included:

  • Please give an example of when you were involved in a successful project.
  • Describe a time when you overcame a problem as part of a team.
  • Tell me about a time when you dealt with conflict in the workplace.
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