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Key information on Baker & McKenzie's application process

The education section of the online form requires you to fill in the details of your secondary education, before completing a section on undergraduate education where you are asked for your degree class/grade (expected/achieved). If you are a non-law student, you will be asked, 'If you intend to do the GDL, when and where do you propose to commence this?'. There is also an opportunity to include any postgraduate qualifications.

There is a compulsory ‘activities and interests’ section, which asks you to list extra-curricular activities and responsibilities. It’s worth taking some time to consider which interests are most appropriate and what impression they give.

Covering letter (word count: 750 words max) 

Unlike in many other law firm applications, candidates are required to produce a covering letter rather than answer a series of questions. All applicants must produce a covering letter in section five of the form. The statement of intent section is for international summer placement applicants only.


The covering letter asks for:

  • Your reasons for wishing to pursue a career in commercial law.
  • Your motivation for applying to Baker & McKenzie.
  • Any additional information that is relevant to your application but that hasn’t been covered in the form.

The statement of intent provided by applicants for the international summer placement must detail:

  • Your reasons for applying for an international summer placement.
  • The benefits the placement would afford you.
  • The benefits to Baker & McKenzie of offering you a place.

Successful applicants

Successful applicants are invited to take an online psychometric test. This involves reading short passages and evaluating the logic behind the arguments presented.

Shortlisted candidates are then invited to the firm’s assessment day in London. Summer placement candidates attend the first interview only; for training contract applicants, this is followed by a group exercise and a second interview.

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