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Career Prospects

6.9 / 10

(based on 16 ratings in 2016)


"Currently unsure as to what possibilities exist. Current graduate programme is three years long so promotion possibilities are probably quite unlikely until after this period."
Graduate, Glasgow
"For those not working shift pattern it doesn't look easy, there's no clear route and very little information or answers are forthcoming."
Graduate, London
"I believe it's easy to move up if you are driven and work hard."
Graduate, London
"You create your own opportunities. Sometimes all it takes is just a conversation with a manager and a well executed project to get ahead."
Procurement, Graduate, Newcasle
"I find it difficult to get clear information regarding the career progression."
Graduate, Aberdeen
"You may need to be with the company for a long time before you will be recognised for a promotion. Sometimes I feel as though members of the team are given all the responsibilities of the promoted position despite their job title and salary not reflecting this change in role or responsibilities."
Midlevel, Gatwick
"If you are performing well and achieving goals, you can be promoted quickly. To move up quicker, you are better being based on smaller jobs as you can gain more understanding of different procedures etc."
Graduate, Aberdeen
"I feel it is expected of me to move up within the ranks of the company and I can see a clear path for this."
Graduate, Edinburgh
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