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Green Initiatives

7.1 / 10

(based on 16 ratings in 2016)


"As a construction company this is very high up on the list of priorities. There are a large variety of recycling bins in the office and other initiatives in place."
Graduate, Glasgow
"There is waste management on site."
Graduate, London
"Because of the nature of the business, our carbon footprint is very important in the industry as it is operationally directly related to fuel and energy use. Through internal expertise, Balfour Beatty have been able to lower their carbon footprint significantly, and we support our suppliers to do the same."
Procurement, Graduate, Newcasle
"Baflour Beatty are trying to trim costs where necessary, but are committed to lowering their carbon footprint."
Graduate, Aberdeen
"We recycle construction waste and there is an attempt to reduce energy consumption associated with the offices such as heaters and lights being on timers and sensors. I still feel we could be doing more to reduce energy consumption and waste."
Graduate, Edinburgh
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